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Qualities of a Good Food and Beverage Service Staff

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An amazing meal experience always starts with the service staff. If you are an owner of a hotel or restaurant, having competent service staff dealing with taking orders, serving food and drinks, and clearing tables are very important. Customers prefer their meals to be well plated and served by competent staff.
There are a lot of must-have attributes for food and beverage service staff. They have to display high-level of professionalism, and this is not only in restaurants but also when called to serve in events. You can contact this professional firm if you are Looking to hire a reliable service staff in Toronto for a three day food and wine event.

Here are some of the top qualities of a good food and beverage service staff:

Knowledgeable about the Foods and Drinks on the Menu

menuThis is perhaps one of the most important attributes a food and beverage service staff must-have. They must be completely well-versed with the items listed on the menu so that they can be in a position not only to advise but also offer other suggestions to customers.

Being well informed about every item on the menu is not enough, they should also know how to serve them correctly, the complete make-up of a meal, various plating styles, and the right temperature drinks should be served on. A customer is always impressed when served by people who know what they are doing.

Excellent Personality

Hot-tempered individuals cannot make good food and beverage service staff. For you to succeed in this industry, your team should be friendly, courteous, and with good humor. They should be individuals who can well express themselves to customers because sometimes a customer may want an explanation of what a certain listed in the menu dish entails.

Good Attitude towards Customers

good personalityEvery business needs customers for its survival; that is why they should be treated with the utmost respect. No matter how difficult a customer seems, service staff should strive to meet their needs and expectations in the best way possible. Just because a customer seems difficult does not imply that it is their nature. It may be as a result of feeling uncertain about how they should approach things. Make them feel at home. If a customer raises a complaint, make sure it is handled in a manner that satisfies the customer.

Professional Dressing and Hygienic

The impression your service staff makes will determine if customers will visit your hotel or restaurant again or whether you will be hired to do catering services again. The way your service staff look will convince your customers that you uphold the highest hygiene standards, even in the kitchen. All staff should be neatly dressed in a uniform and clean. They should not wear perfumes too strong to the extent that the smell affects the customers.…