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Questions To Ask Your Photo Booth Company


There is a growing popularity of photo booths in events. Many event organizers are hiring photo booths to include them at their events. This has also seen the rise in the number of companies renting out photo booths. While this is a positive development, you should be very keen on the kind of company you engage. With the right questions, you will be able lead you to a company like Hipstr Photo Booth of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Here are four important questions that you should always ask for before you hire a photo booth.

Questions that will help you identify the best photo booth

How long have you been in business?woman holding flowers frame graphic

The first question that you should ask targets the years of experience the company has. The level of experience is an indicator of the kind of services a company offers. If the photo booth company has been renting photo booths for long, then it must be having a good reputation. You should target such a company.

It is important to note that the years of experience is not the sole determinant of a good photo booth company. You can get a company that has been in business for long but with no clients or low customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, you must consider the rate of customer satisfaction.

What is the quality of the photos?

You also need to know the quality of photos before hiring a photo booth. The photo booth company should explain to you the quality of photos that you will expect when you use the photo booth. Take note not to get information about the quality of photos without evidence. The photo booth company should back up their statement on the quality of photos with evidence.

Do you have liability insurance?

man taking pictures with cameraAnother important question that you should ask is if the photo booth company has liability insurance. With this question, you will also find out whether the company has a license for operation. Though nothing is likely to happen, most venues for events require liability insurance if the event is in an open place.

Is there a contract?

You should also inquire about the availability of a contract that spells out clearly the responsibility of each party. This is important because you need to have all your agreement written down so that you can have a place of reference. You should ignore photo booth companies that operate without contracts for they do not show professionalism in their work.…

Tips for choosing the ideal laybag


Laybags are becoming increasingly popular due to the level of convenience, flexibility, and comfort that is accrued from its usage. They are described as loungers that are designed like parachutes, and therefore they have the ability to trap air for an extended period of time. Inflating laybags with air is done by swinging the open space to suck in as much air as possible. Inflation is easy and takes a few seconds. Once enough air is trapped in the spaces, users can enjoy ultimate comfort until they are ready to deflate it. Ideally, they are designed to accommodate two people depending on where it is employed.

Luftsofa can sustain different masses of people and the best typecouch with 3 pillowss have been observed to hold a maximum of 350kgs. Users can enjoy such luxury on tough surfaces rocks and terrains. More predominantly laybags have been spotted in beaches, cottages, camping, swimming pools and backyards. It is important to be mindful in choosing laybag because not many people are knowledgeable about the best versions or models. Also, you ought to invest in a product that represents your needs and preference. These essential considerations are illuminated as follows;

Goals and objectives

The laybag that you purchase must be able to fulfill the requirements that are important to you. If you are going to use it as a form of luxury furniture in your house, then it is imperative that you select the best quality that is tough and durable. The light materials designed for beaches may not be suitable for home usage.

Shape and Size

girl with blonde hairLaybags are available in different shapes and sizes. A preferable option must be determined by the person that is going to use it. Specialists recommend that buyers should invest in a standard size that is usable by anyone. Standard sizes will ensure that different people around you will be able to use it whenever the need arises. The shape is purely predetermined by the taste and preference of the buyer the purchased item should represent your personality.


Sustainability of a laybag is determined by the quality of the materials that were utilized in its making. It is always important to lay emphasis on the durability of a product before making the ultimate purchase.

Also, the material should be sturdy against various surfaces including rocky subsoils and concrete floors. Most importantly the material must be waterproof. A material that is easily penetrable will expose users to risks that could be fatal to users like swimmers.…